Is Santa Chuck’s beard real?
Yes, Santa Chuck has a real beard, white in color which also matches his hair color.  Santa Chuck is a dues paying member of the International Brotherhood of Real Bearded Santas.

How far will Santa Chuck travel for an event?
Normally up to a 50 mile radius of Vista, CA, but will travel beyond if desired.  Please note, for a visit beyond a 50 mile radius, an additional fee may be required.

Is Mrs. Claus available for events?
Yes, the lovely Mrs Claus is Santa Chuck’s traveling companion.  Mrs. Claus appears with Santa Chuck at no additional cost.

Is it possible for my children to Zoom or Skype with Santa Chuck and Mrs Claus?
Yes, see info page for directions on how to Skype with Santa Chuck and Mrs. Claus.

Is Santa Chuck covered by insurance?
Yes, during the months of October through December, Santa Chuck is fully insured.  A certificate of insurance will be provided upon request.

Will my children be safe with Santa Chuck and Mrs. Claus?
Absolutely, upon request, Santa Chuck and Mrs. Claus will provide a copy of their background checks including Child Predator reviews.

Does Santa Chuck have any experience in working with children with special needs?
Yes, Santa Chuck has taken classes and worked with children with special needs.  They, like all children need to feel loved and accepted.  Santa Chuck is very patient and understanding.  Every Child needs to have the opportunity to visit with Santa, no matter how long it takes for them to be ready, whether they are comfortable sitting on Santa’s lap or standing next to Santa.  It is suggested that the parent or photographer begin taking photos as quickly as their camera will allow.  By doing this you will be able to get several pictures with both Santa and the child smiling.  Santa Chuck is very patient with all children.

Will Santa Chuck work with Professional Photographers in their studios?
Absolutely, creating wonderful memories of your children visiting with Santa is my goal.  Christmas is a time of great Joy and capturing that joy in the eyes of your children is priceless.  Those photos also make for beautiful Christmas cards.  They are pure treasures for grandparents.

Is a retainer required in order to guarantee the Date and Time of my event booking?
Yes, a 50% non refundable retainer is collected to hold your date and time specified and that I will NOT accept any work or make any other reservations or accept any other clients for said date and time.

Do you accept credit card payments?
Yes, a credit card deposit will be processed through PayPal.  The remaining payment balance will be processed after the event.

Are Gratuities accepted?
Yes, if you are pleased with Santa Chuck’s performance and feel that a gratuity is appropriate, please place it in an envelop so that the children think you are giving Santa a Christmas Card.

Is it acceptable to photograph Santa Chuck?
Yes, it is not just acceptable, but it is highly encouraged.  Santa Chuck is extremely happy with being photographed with children or with adults in appropriate poses.  Santa Chuck would like to have digital copies of all photos for his photo album.  Photos of Santa are for your personal viewing and not for commercial purposes.

Is it appropriate to provide a review of Santa Chuck’s appearance?
Absolutely, Santa Chuck is happy to receive all honest reviews, hopefully all good, but if you aren’t pleased with Santa Chuck’s performance, I want your truthful comments.

Of special note, the image of Santa is that of wholesomeness.  With that in mind, Santa Chuck will not participate in any activity that would discredit the image of Santa.  Santa Chuck will not accept any adult beverage or pose for lewd or immoral photos.  In order to protect the image of Santa, Santa Chuck will not pose in front of a green screen for photos.