Why should we hire Santa Chuck and Mrs Sandy Claus?

Santa Chuck and Mrs Sandy Claus have a great deal of experience playing the jolly old  Elves. They are high-energy, appropriate and fun! Santa Chuck, Mrs Sandy Claus and her pet puppet dog Snowball focus on helping children and adults to relax so that they will create great Christmas memories, including fantastic photos. Check out what their current clients have to say here.

What does it cost for a Santa Chuck and Mrs Claus Home Visit

Rates are customized according to the time, length of visit and what the needs of the client are. Please contact us with details about your event.

We want to book Santa Chuck, now what?

We have 2 options:
We can be booked through GigSalad.com.


We ask for a 50% deposit via credit card   to secure the date and time. We will send you a performance agreement which can be signed electronically. Please note, we do not hold days or times for potential clients, only booked clients. Scheduling is on a first come, first served basis.

What does Santa  and Mrs Claus wear?

Santa Chuck wears a traditional velvet Santa Suit with fur trim. He has a big black leather belt with a shiny brass buckle, Santa Magic Key, Jingle Bells and big black boots with fur trim. It is our goal that his presentation be as authentic as possible.

Mrs Sandy Claus wear a red velvet Mrs Claus dress with fir trim and a white apron.  Mrs Claus also wears a red velvet bonnet with lace trim.

Note, Santa and Mrs Claus always wear just laundered white gloves at each appearance to reduce the possibility of spreading any type of disease.

Does Santa Claus take great photos?

Santa specializes in great pictures! Santa Chuck has  a number of tricks and techniques to get great photos with the children and all your loved ones.  Mrs Claus works with the children and adults utilizing her pet puppet dog Snowball to bring out the biggest and brightest smiles. Santa Chuck will make suggestions for great grouping and poses and proper lighting.

Does Santa have a sack? How can we get our presents in there?

Santa carries a bag to fill with gifts for your guests. Santa’s bag has a capacity of 40-gallons, or about 10 medium-sized presents (similar size as a large yard refuse bag). If you have more presents than this, please let us know ahead of time. It is usually better to hide them behind the tree, or assign someone to assist Santa in carrying in the gifts.

What days do Santa Chuck and Mrs Sandy Claus work?

The Clauses are very busy mid November right up to Christmas day.  They work every day until Christmas Eve at midnight. Santa does occasional appearances on Christmas Day as well.

How long are visits with Santa Claus?

Santa Claus appearances at private parties are 30 minutes minimum and range upwards to  4 hours, depending on the number of little ones. On Christmas Eve, Santa can only stay 30 minutes, since he’s so busy! Longer visits are possible.  Please note, a 30 minute visit is normally sufficient for parties up to 15 people.  Let’s schedule a time to talk so we can understand your needs.

Where should Santa sit?

The best place to have Santa is a large chair, preferably next to the Christmas tree with Mrs Claus sitting adjacent to Santa for great pictures. It’s always great to have a smaller chair or step stool next to him. This way, children can choose to sit on Santa’s lap, or sit next to him. We just ask that you don’t put Santa near the fireplace! As you can imagine, his suit already keeps him pretty warm.

What does Santa Chuck and Mrs Sandy Claus do during a visit?

Santa Chuck will make a Grand Entrance into the area of you guests,  Santa Chuck will then greet all your guests, pose for selfies, answers the children’s questions, does story telling, sits individually with each child to ask what they want for Christmas, poses for individual pictures with all guests plus group pictures and lastly, distributes presents provided by the client.  Mrs Sandy Claus will tell Reindeer stories and distribute Reindeer trading cards to the children and then with Snowball her pet puppet dog she will entertain the children.

Santa Chuck and Mrs Sandy Claus bring Magical Christmas Memories.

Of utmost importance!

Please save a parking place for Santa Chuck as close to the front door as possible.  Please have a responsible adult (Point Person) sit with their cell phone awaiting Santa Chuck’s call.  They are to then secretely slip outside to greet Santa Chuck and Mrs Claus and assist with the presents and act as a guide for the Clauses.  Your Point Person can relay any last minute details to Santa.

How to bring the most Joy to the Children.

Prepare a short bio for each child who will be in attendance listing the childs knickname, their age, sex, pet’s name and type and also their school name and teacher’s name.  Also, please insure that each child has a legible name tag.  The children are blown away when they realize that Santa really knows so much about them.  Santa Chuck and Mrs Claus will endevor to remember as much of this information as possible.

I realize and fully understand that some parents are reluctant to share this information about their child via the internet.  Should that be you, I respect your position.  In that case I ask that one of the parents help me make each child’s visit most memorable by asking, “Santa, did you know that” Timmy has a . . . . . . for a pet, or “Santa, did you know that” Timmy got an A in Mrs. Rudolphs class?